PROMETRA Uganda, an affiliate of PROMETRA International with 26 national chapters worldwide and headquartered at Dakar, Senegal, was founded in 2000 and registered as a non-governmental organization in May 2001 to respond to the poor health conditions and inadequate modern health services by utilizing traditional medicine because of its comparative advantages of; accessibility, affordability and availability.


To promote traditional medical knowledge and practices for improved health through mutual cooperation
amongst health systems.

Philosophy: Harness nature and promote your health
Vision: A healthy, well informed productive population


  1. To generate and disseminate knowledge on traditional medicine to institutions, partners and parties with related interests so as to increase its utilization.
  2. To strengthen and advocate for the use of traditional medicine in modern circles and the entire community.
  3. To identify and fight against harmful traditional health practices through educational programs, establishment of cultural centers and centralized treating areas.
  4. To strengthen collaboration between traditional and other health practitioners so as to increase information sharing on traditional medicine.
  5. To initiate, encourage and support community programs on sustainable utilization of the environment, conservation and preservation of all species of medicinal value

PROMETRA Uganda is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Abasi Mawanda. The day to day activities of PROMETRA Uganda are run by a Secretariat headed by Dr. Sekagya Yahaya

  • Mobilizing and organizing Traditional Healers
  • Training and capacity building
  • Treatment and care using traditional medicine
  • Research and information management
  • Child health and reproductive health issues
  • Publicity and advocacy
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Community to community exchange programme
  • Hope activities
  • Environmental conservation 
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • The Traditional Healers
  • Traditional Healers associations
  • The community and all users of traditional medicine.
  • Other forms of health systems and stakeholders
  • The health policy makers
  • University students and researchers
  • Homecare volunteers
  • People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA

Annual budget:                                  $ 250,000


PROMETRA-Uganda has made remarkable impact in areas of mobilizing and organizing traditional healers, training and capacity building, treatment and care using traditional medicine, child and reproductive health issues relating to traditional medicine, publicity and advocacy, collaboration and networking, Community to community exchange programme, Hope activities and environmental conservation

Mobilizing and organizing Traditional Healers into groups and associations. 

  • Initiated the formation of The National Integrated Forum for Traditional Health Practitioners. It is a nationally operating umbrella association of all traditional healers in Uganda
  • It mobilized and organized traditional healers from the ten (16) sub counties in Mpigi district into Buyijja traditional healers association, as well as linking them to other national and district operating associations 
  • Mobilized and sensitized 1000 traditional health practitioners from Mpigi, Mubende, Kampala, Masaka, Wakiso, luwero, Mitiyana and Mukono and enrolled them into its training programme
  • Mobilized and organized all categories of traditional healers to form a committee that participate in the drafting of the national policy on traditional medicine
  • Currently PROMETRA-Uganda (PU) in partnership with the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) mobilizes, organizes and involves Traditional Healers and associated communities of Mpigi district in the commercial cultivation of medicinal plants and beekeeping
  • 1n 2004 PU and CONCERN Worldwide mobilised and trained 200 traditional health practitioners from five (5) Sub-Counties of Mpigi District in management of HIV/AIDS infections. 

Training and capacity building

  • Initiated on the establishment and development of traditional medicine research, treatment, demonstration and training centre at Buyijja, where traditional healers converge to share, learn and improve on traditional healing practices
  • Initiated on the establishment of the forest training school with a variety of medicinal plant species and offers an appropriate learning environment for all categories of traditional healers
  • Strengthened and sustained  the  traditional health practitioners service delivery in rural communities
  • Initiated the active involvement of higher institutions of learning in working with traditional healers. Such institutions include;
  • Universities (Makerere, Uganda Martyrs Nkozi),
  • NGOs (Concern Worldwide, Hospice, Cross-Cultural Foundation, Environmental Alert)
  • Hospitals (Gombe, Nkozi)
  •  International Organisations (Mildmay International, ICIPE, TICAH)


During the implementation, PROMETRA-Uganda also mobilizes Distant Traditional healers to attend residential training at Buyijja.

Treatment and Care

PROMETRA-Uganda Initiated health care unit offering free material and non-material health services to rural community depending on the nature of the presented body imbalance. Trained traditional healers work hand in hand with a western trained doctor and have developed a mutually respectful collaborative disease management system. It developed a systematic patient-treatment  record-Keeping
During the weekly training activities the patients share knowledge on preparation of herbal medicines such as decoctions, concoction, infusion and medicated herbal Vaseline, which in turn they share amongst themselves to treat opportunistic infections

Research and Information Management
In the field of research, PROMETRA Uganda has worked on the following:

  • Compilation of a Traditional Healers directory and database for;
  • Kampala District: in 2005 PROMETRA-Uganda in conjunction with Uganda National integrated forum for traditional health practitioners documented knowledge and practices of 1172 Kampala district traditional health practitioners in the categories of Herbalists, Bonesetters, Diviners, Faith Healers, Spiritualists and Traditional Birth Attendants were identified 
  • Mpigi District : In 2009, PROMETRA- Uganda conducted door-to-door field research in 16 sub-counties of Mpigi District while documenting socio demographic information, traditional knowledge and practice, organizations and associations of affiliation of 2,334 traditional healers ( 778 herbalist , 932 Spiritualists , 432 Traditional Birth Attendants, 94 Bonesetters, 98 Traditional mental specialists)
  • Verification of selected traditional medicines of the healers for efficacy and safety

A batch of 56 of selected TM used by members of the Buyijja Traditional Healers Group for treating skin-related diseases, malaria, diarrhea, worms, ulcers, cough, syphilis and viruses were prepared by the healers and sent to the laboratories of ICIPE, to be verified for efficacy and safety. 31 sample out of the 56 selected traditional medicines were tested for safety and efficacy against; bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aureginosa), viruses, fungal pathogens, protozoa and worms as summarized in the table below;

  • Establishment of a pilot-scale facility for processing the traditional medicines

The processing facility was designed, developed and Construction of outer shell (structure) was completed as shown in the picture below 

  • Documentation of cultural and hertage practices of Mawokota
  • Documentation and recording of Positive aspects of culture in HIV/AIDS management
  • Documentation of new approaches to AIDS Treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Established a beekeeping enterprise for the Buyijja Traditional Healers’ Association at Buyijja for production of beehive products for nutrition, medicinal use and income

To achieve the above, PROMETRA Uganda works with research institutions and organisations such as: Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda (CCFU), the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and Integrative Medicine Foundation (IMF).  PU also provides environmentally favourable field sites for researchers from national/international organizations and Universities to conduct their own research.




Postal address: P.O. Box 16465 Kampala, .
Tel. +256-041-566762 / +256-772-403900
Website :
Contact person:  Dr. Sekagya Yahaya (DIRECTOR)


Country office (Headquarter); PROMETRA Uganda’s country offices is located at Keti-Falawo Zone LCI Kawempe division -Kampala. 6 kms along Bombo road near Kawempe Police Station.

Field office; PROMETRA Uganda major field activities are stationed at Buyijja in Buwama Sub-county Mpigi District 64 km along Masaka road










Mr. Johnston Okwir- Okulo


Tel. 077-458839


Executive Director, Rural Community Integration for Development (NGO)

Former Deputy H/master

Kampala high school.


Mrs. Amina  Mawanda


Chairperson Women Council III Kira Sub-county Wakiso District

Chairperson, Uganda Muslim Women Association

Rev. Father Magembe


Director Sion Prayer Center

Former Dean and Parish Priest Masulita

Dr. Steven Tendo


Lecturer, Mbarara University of Science and Techinology


Eng. Kasalita Juma


Director UKASCO Construction Company


Dr. Sekagya Yahaya

Secretary to the board

Director / President PROMETRA Uganda




works with many institutions world wide.




3.      IRISH AID.

Collaboration and Networking

PROMETRA Uganda is curent collaboration with and linking traditional healers to the following:

  • Government departments: - Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, Uganda National Council Of Science and Technology (UNCST) and the Forestry Research Institute (FORRI)
  • Cultural Institutions:  Buganda Kingdom and Tooro
  • Non government Organizations: - Concern Worldwide- Mpigi, Hospice Africa, Mild May International, THETA, cross cultural foundation, Action for slum development, Inter African Herbalist, NAMEDO, ANAPPCAN and the International Institute for complementary and alternative medicine
  •  Traditional Healers associations: – Uganda national integrate forum for traditional health practitioners, Uganda Ne'ddagala Lyayo, Uganda Herbalists Association, Uganda Neddagala Lye’kinansi, Manyigamiti, Buligwanga Nebyalyo and National Council of Traditional Healers and Herbalists Associations (NACOTHA)
  • Institutions of higher learning: - Uganda Martyr University –Nkozi, Makerere University (National University), Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Agakhan University of Nursing as well as Edgerton University in Njoro Kenya and University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • International organizations:  Integrated Medicine Foundation, ICIPE, TICAH, Ford Foundation, Irish Aid Foundation, Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions and other chapter of PROMETRA International

Publicity and Advocacy

PROMETRA Uganda employs several strategies to improve the general public’s understanding of the traditional medicine practice. These strategies include

  • (PU) facilitates Traditional Health Practitioners to attend different conferences, workshops and meetings at local, national and international levels such as:
    • International Conferences on AIDS and STIs in Africa- ICASA 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008,
    • The International AIDS Conference in Bangkok-Thailand 2004, Toronto- Canada 2006, and Mexico 2008
    • International Traditional Healers workshop on African spirituality in May 2005 at Buyijja
    • The World conference on Ethno Medicine  in Germany every year  2006
    • The 27th African Health Sciences Congress Durban-South Africa in 2006
    • The ATMD celebrations from 2003 to 2009
    • International Conference on Traditional Medicine in India in 2009
  • PU’s Advocacy is an ongoing activity that primarily targets national and international University students, researchers and institutions who openly engage in the activities of promoting traditional medicine.  Currently, an international student is linking PROMETRA Uganda to IE3 Global Internships in the United States

 Community-to-Community Exchange Program

PROMETRA-Uganda facilitates Buyijja trainees to share and exchange knowledge and experiences on traditional medicine practices with national and international indigenous Knowledge (IK) bearers from Kakamega - Kenya, Pallisa, Bushenyi, Hoima, Mukono and Nakaseke - Uganda.  During the interaction traditional healers are exposed to culturally important places, potential income generating activities (IGA), methods of adding value to natural products, appropriate culturally sensitive disease prevention and management and various environmental conservation strategies.

Environment, Conservation and Preservation of Species of Medicinal Values

  • PROMETRA-Uganda has started establishment of a centralised tree nursery at Buyijja training centre.  

Hope activities

PROMETRA Uganda has initiated activities to restore HOPE among the PLWHAs under the priority thematic areas of training, counselling, treatment, reducing stigma and farming activities.

  • The drama group provides a degree of entertainment, information, education to PLWHAs and to the public.
  • The farming activities are intended to improve medicinal and nutritional requirements for the local communities


Current Projects:

1.      Capacity Building, Training and Network Activities for PROMETRA Uganda.

Project Objectives.

  1. Organizing Traditional Healers in their organizations to work together in Uganda and influence policy on traditional medicine.
  2. Strengthen capacity of Traditional Healers and medicinal plant resources.
  3. To improve quality and meaning of life of people living with AIDS. [PLWAs]
  4. To improve public understanding of Traditional medicine science and its practices. 


Training. Identification and fighting against harmful practices. Strengthen capacity of Traditional Healers and medicinal plant resources. (Botanical Garden and Trainings). Medicinal Recourses development: [Herbal garden], Community to community Exchange of traditional medicine knowledge. To improve the quality and meaning of life of people living with AIDS. (PLWAs), To improve public understanding about Traditional medicine science and practices. [publicity and advocacy],

Current Activities:

Regional traditional healers’ meeting.

PROMETRA-Uganda leading a delegation of indigenous traditional health practitioners participates in international conference and meetings;

·      International AIDS Conference in Durban -South Africa 2000

·      ICASA in Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso 2001, and Nairobi Kenya 2003 

·      International AIDS Conference in Bangkok –Thailand. 2004


Weekly traditional healers’ training

Every Wednesday, the whole day, throughout  the year, about two hundred (200)   Traditional Healers in Uganda converge for (FAPEG METHODS) Self-Proficiency Training at PROMETRA Traditional Medicine Training, Research, Treatment and Demonstration Centre Buyijja, 64 Km South-West of Kampala city.

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